School Closing Information

Inclement weather conditions may cause East Carter County R-II School District to cancel school. In making that decision, the safety of the district's 700+ students is the most important consideration. Here is some information that will help your family prepare for those days when school is cancelled due to winter weather.

Ways to find out if school is cancelled 

School Reach - 
The School Reach system allows the district and individual schools to contact parents via phone with important announcements about emergencies, or important school events. Parents will be notified of cancellations or early dismissals due to inclement weather, scheduled holidays or early release days among other important announcements. Please be sure you complete a School Reach Student Information Sheet and return it to your child’s school. Notify your school’s office immediately if contact numbers change.

Local News Media -
The local news media is contacted by district officials with cancellation information by 6 a.m. on days when weather may be an issue and school could be cancelled. You can watch the television affiliate KFVS12KAIT8, or listen to Clear 94 FM on the radio. You may also go to their websites for cancellation information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What factors influence the decision to close school? 
We try to keep our schools open as scheduled as much as possible. However, there are times when weather conditions cause us to cancel school for the safety of our students. We do not make that decision lightly because we understand cancelling school can create difficulties for families. There are a number of things to consider when determining whether to have school during inclement weather. Some of those include the condition of area roads; school safety issues such as parking lots, sidewalks and roofs; bus fleet condition; and weather forecast for the remainder of the day.

Who makes the decision to cancel school due to inclement weather? 
A group comprised of individuals representing transportation and school administration evaluate relevant factors and make a recommendation to the superintendent about whether to close school.

When and how is the decision announced? 
The district makes every effort to decide whether to cancel school by 5:00 a.m. of the day in question so that parents can be alerted as soon as possible. After the decision is made to close school, an announcement is made through the School Reach system to notify all parents of students attending the school district. The news media is also notified so school closings can be posted via public media.

Parents must have their latest contact phone numbers turned into our offices in order to receive the School Reach notifications. If you did not complete the School Reach Student Information Form at the beginning of the school year or when your child was enrolled, you may obtain one from the school office and return it to their child's school. Cancellations are also announced through the district's web site.

Why does East Carter County R-II School District have school when other area schools are closed due to inclement weather? 
Each school district must evaluate its own conditions. The number of rural roads, lack of road maintenance, etc., can make the safety of travel vary from one district to another even when they are in close geographic proximity of each other.

Why doesn't East Carter County R-II School District implement delayed start times on days when conditions are unfavorable in the morning but may improve before dismissal time? 
For many families, it is difficult to adjust work schedules or find child care for just a few hours in the morning.